The vintage dress

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 Who loves a vintage dress more than me??? Lol. Seriously, if I am able to walk out of a thrift store with a quality vintage dress, then my entire day is complete. BUT it is even better when I am able to find a brand new one for an affordable price which is what occurred in this case. I found this dress in a forever21 store in New York during fall season on clearance. I assume they were clearing out fall pieces in preparation for winter clothing. Although I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear it right away (not suitable for 30 degree weather), I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. Here’s a shopping tip: I encourage everyone to pick up clearance pieces you love even when you do not see an immediate use for it. Trust me, there will be one day a friend wants to hang out and that one clothing item will save you from the frustrating closet search we all are familiar with.

Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Socks: Delias, Purse: DSW, Earrings: Local Boutique


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