The other vintage dress




First year of grad school officially completed. Hooray! Applied Statistics II was the course from hell and I am super excited to have it in my past. I worked really hard the last few weeks writing papers and studying for final exams, which lead to me losing inspiration for blogging. I’m back now, I’m up and out of my “end of semester” cave. If you’ve read one of my older posts you’d know that I attempted a procrastination-free period during the month of April. I must update you soon on how that went, I have lots of tips to share.

About my look: This dress is an absolute fave of mine. It has this vintage look that I love and I found  it to be suitable for a variety of occasions. I have a similar vintage dress I styled completely differently, see it here.

Dress: Forever21, Heels: Forever21, Clutch: Local Boutique



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