Heeeyyy! I hope your last week was better than mine! Last week I was down with a terrible cough. I had so much that needed to be done and there was just not enough time. It got to the point where I woke up one morning and felt so physically and emotionally tired that I decided to just lay in bed and not go anywhere. I missed class that day which is so rare for me. Well, I use to skip class a few times in undergrad but since starting graduate school I don’t think I’ve ever missed a day… because it’s just that easy to get behind.

I was so wrapped up in anxiety and fear of not meeting my goals that day that I decided to just leave the pieces on the floor and rest my mind. I prayed and took a nap. And even though I really couldn’t afford a day off, I knew that my mind needed it. I cannot be of any service to anyone else without taking care of myself first.

I told myself that things would get better. I need to focus on what’s coming next and to forget about my shortcomings. Sometimes when we find ourselves down, it’s probably because we are stuck thinking of things in the past. Here’s to my awful week being behind me and me making promises to myself to focus on the future. = )

Top: Banana Republic (sold out)

Skirt: (sold out)

Heels: Steve Madden here

Purse: Kate Spade here


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