Paperbag Trousers


Florals and stripes have been on heavy rotation for me this season. Here I am pairing these Zara striped trousers with a crop top, mixing dressy with casual. This look depicts my style perfectly and if I could, I would wear it every day.

I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately and have had difficulty finding new items to add to my wardrobe. If it’s cute, I most likely can’t afford it or it’s not of quality material. Although my style remains the same, I’m beginning to reach for more quality and timeless pieces. I’m finding myself shopping in more expensive stores. Is my style becoming too expensive for me? Have you ever felt like you can’t afford how you really want to dress? I think it’s time I start thrifting again.

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottoms: Zara (similar here)

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Shoes: Charlotte Russe


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  1. Britney
    September 17, 2017 / 3:14 am

    I completely agree with you! As I get older, my style is definitely changing. My want for lots of clothes to stay afloat is old and tired and I’ve completely purged my closet. There are pieces that I live to purchase and create the perfect looks that totally define my style but they’re outrageous prices that don’t make sense enough to pay for when after all, it’s just clothes. As a fashion blogger and personal stylist, developing a style that you can afford is soooo important, and I think that thrifting is a great idea! I think it’s more about staying true to your personal style and what feels right to you.

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