Kitchi Cat Clutch & Things


Obsessed with my latest fashion find. Although I am afraid of cats and their sneaky manners, I could not resist this Betsey Johnson clutch. Cat ears are in this season and have been spotted on hats, headbands, and other pieces. I’m definitely a fan and have placed a cat eared hat on my christmas wish list.

Also pictured is the iPhone 6. I recently got it (late I know) and found this cute vintage floral case for it. The case is by incipio and was purchased at the verizon store. I change phone cases very often so I probably will have a new one really soon but this one was worth a blog post.

Earrings are from Macys. For some reason, these earrings remind me of snow flakes. I found myself reaching for them for the last few days because they give me a winter wonderland but glam feel. I can’t really explain it but they are my favorite pair for this week.


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