Doing it all

Realizing that I just might not be able to do it all. After all, I’m not Beyoncé.



When you’re a working professional, graduate student, and a personal style blogger who tries to have a decent social life, you may find yourself in the same predicament as I am. I find myself struggling between “you’re doing too much” and “you aren’t doing enough” quite often. I’m accepting the fact that I’m not superwoman and there will be days when I’m not able to cross off everything on my to-do list.

I’m focusing on prioritizing and not beating myself up for not meeting my goals but instead, appreciating the process and the efforts I’ve made to get closer to them.

I encourage you to not use the fact that you can’t do everything as an excuse to do nothing. Not playing a sport because you won’t be the best on your team is not the way to go. Do what feels right and enjoy the fact that you’re doing something that makes your heart smile regardless if you’re the best at it or not.

Love, Shawnee

Romper: PacSun

Outerwear: Charlotte Russe similar here

Heels: Zara similar here

Necklace: Forever21 similar here

Purse: Aldo





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