Coral meets Ivy 

  Who said you can’t wear bright colors in fall?! Not I! Besides, rules are meant to be broken… right? Even though I adore this comfy coral sweater, I usually stay away from crop-top anything since I’ve graduated nursing school….    Let me just say, nursing school kicked my butt and handed me a few extra pounds on my way out. Even though it has been over a year, I still haven’t been able to drop these few pounds. Partly because I went straight to grad school (psych NP program), but mostly because I have no self-control. But I’m done with excuses. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app (for the second time) and encouraged my friends to do so too for some support. If you haven’t heard about it, check it out, it’s worth it. It’s the first of the month so I’ll use that as a great reason to make some diet changes and work extra hard to reach my goals. I feel that if I write down my goals and share it you all, I may be more successful in obtaining them =)

Top: Misguided (old)

Bottoms (old)




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